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The 'digital native' test case

As I look for my next job, I hope I can make one small change that will encourage employers to think inclusively by becoming a 'test case'. 


I'm calling out age discrimination by challenging the thinking behind the term 'digital native' as a selection criterion in job adverts. As a phrase that means people born after 1980, I'm asking employers to consider if this is age discrimination.

I'll be telling my story on this website over the coming weeks.

Change I've made...

If you don't like something. Change it. On my change page I'll be providing statistics on the changes that I achieve during my campaign to stop the use of the term 'digital native' in job adverts.

DCMS stops using 'digital native' in job ads

DCMS has taken action to ensure that the term 'digital native' is not included in the recruitment literature going forward.

Cabinet Office stops using 'digital native' in job ads

Cabinet Office intends to ensure that future comms higlights the phrase 'digital native' should not be used going forward.

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