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FYI (For Your Info) is an award winning multi-platform children's news service available on Sky News, via the children's newspaper, First News, and on YouTube. It is made by production company, Fresh Start Media, who I provided freelance support for.

Joining the team just as we went into lockdown, I faced the challenge of leading the production of the programme, presented by young people, without a studio. Working with the presenters to film contributions at home, and working remotely myself, I led on the visual style and format for the lockdown episodes.

Skilled at managing complex projects remotely, I can advise on how to get broadcast standard material using mobile phones and bring this together using a variety of editing platforms such as AVID and Adobe Premiere Pro.

At a time of particular concern for young people, FYI was a valuable way of providing age relevant information. Strands like 'Fake News or Fact' encourage the audience to evaluate news and challenge misinformation.

FYI on Sky News - Lockdown Episodes




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