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This mixed-media TV series, transferred the successful CBeebies online game, created by Nicole Seymour, which introduced children to words in different languages in a series of 15 x 11 minute episodes.

The TV episodes see host bug Lingo send Mandarin bug Wei, Spanish bug Queso and French bug Jargonaise off into the real world to choose everyday objects and props to include in their grand finale – The Big Bug Show.

Each episode focuses on one language, introducing children to six key words, plus examples of everyday vocabulary like ‘hello’, ‘thank you’ and ‘well done’. There are opportunities for children to develop both speaking and listening skills as they are encouraged to repeat words with the bugs, voiced by native speakers of the target language.

The Lingo Show


Executive Producer, Writer


Children's TV, Scripted, Pre-School, Animation, Mixed Media


CBeebies In-House Production for CBeebies and BBC Learning

Other past projects:
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