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  • Paul Shuttleworth

Change 1: DCMS has stopped using 'digital native' in job ads.

As I run my campaign to eradicate the term 'digital native' from job ads, I'll be measuring my success through a number of achievable goals on my change page. Change one has already happened.

My campaign began in January 2024 with me providing feedback and initiating the first tier of the Cabinet Office and DCMS's complaints procedures after seeing 'digital native' appear in at least 3 job adverts at the Civil Service.

Though both departments deny that the term 'digital native' was, or is, discriminatory or unlawful, I have been informed by the Civil Service, that steps have been taken to ensure that the term is, "not used going forward in order to avoid misinterpretation."

I'm taking that as a win. They have told me at the end of April that,

"DCMS has taken action to ensure that the term "digital native" is not included in the recruitment literature going forward to avoid any misinterpretation. DCMS' recruitment team now performs a check of any job advert that is produced by the area of the department who used the term to ensure that the language being used is as inclusive as possible. Relevant colleagues have also been told that the phrase should no longer be used."

If you're impressed with my proactive approach, please get in touch. I'd love to run campaigns for your organisation.


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