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Invited to oversee a special episode of this jewel in CBeebies crown, my brief was to support national treasure Bernard Cribbins whose passion for storytelling continued well into his nineties.

Alongside talent management of Bernard and the rest of the stellar cast, the scripted series which was shot in the beautiful seaside town of Staithes, involved working with the local community to ensure their support and minimise disruption.

Refining the script and ensuring the production crew well briefed for the location, I enjoyed keeping the happy ship afloat. My favourite part of the role during filming, was walking Salty the dog, Bernard's co-star, and together we were proud ambassadors for the series around.

Overseeing the post production, including recording a specially composed score with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra and commissioning bespoke animation, I ensured the highest production values.

In 2015, I was proud to share the stage with Bernard as we received a Children's BAFTA recognising our work on this special.

Old Jack's Boat


Series Producer


Children's TV, Pre-School, Scripted


BBC Children's In-House Production

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